Success Stories

Indoor Models (1)

Interactive Digital Signage

Legends partnered with Meridian to install an interactive solution at Levi’s Stadium. Super Bowl 50 attendees were able to use the interactive digital signage to browse exclusive merchandise that could be purchased at the NFL Shop throughout the stadium.


Automotive Retail Kiosks

GoMoto and Meridian worked together to improve the car buying experience with self-service kiosks. The self-service solutions increase customer engagement, decrease transaction time and provide transparency to the buying process.

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Self-Service Auto-Emissions Tests

Opus Inspection saw a need to simplify the vehicle emissions testing process. Together, Meridian and Opus Inspection created new emissions-testing kiosks. Now drivers can perform their own vehicle emissions tests at self-service kiosks.

Bill Pay Kiosk

University Bill Payment Kiosks

In order to serve its students better, FIU needed a way to make tuition, housing and bill payment more convenient for its diverse student population. FIU teamed with Meridian to develop a self-service solution to expedite the payment process.

Meridian drive thru kiosk

Drive Thru Kiosk

NEXTEP SYSTEMS needed an OEM partner to provide a reliable outdoor solution to meet the requirements of their order management software. 


Tourism Kiosks

Richmond County Tourism Development Authority worked with Meridian to create a wayfinding solution for visitors and locals.

Meridian MVA Kiosk

Motor Vehicle Agency Kiosks

MorphoTrust enlisted the help of Meridian to create a self-service solution for MVAs across the country. The self-service kiosks allow customers to renew or replace their driver’s license, update photo and renew vehicle registration.

Self-Service Shipping Solution

Innovapost partnered with Meridian to implement an outdoor drive-thru solution in order to meet the increasing demand of customers and improve services used by millions of Canadians each year.

Complete Cash ACM

Automated Currency Manager

Complete Cash was searching for a comprehensive cash management solution to cut costs and improve profitability. Meridian’s ACM offered Complete Cash an automated cash recycling system to meet their needs.



Self-Service Insurance Kiosks

When one of the nation’s leading auto insurance companies, Direct Auto Insurance needed to find better ways for their customers to get coverage quicker, Meridian delivered one of the industries most advanced solutions.


Airport Wayfinding Kiosks

There is nothing more frustrating than trekking through an airport to find something after a long, stuffy flight. At CMH travelers can now easily book transportation, find local restaurants, and book hotel accommodations.

ADA Compliant Kiosk

ADA Compliant Digital Signage

Clear Channel Airports partnered with Meridian to create ADA compliant interactive digital signage for airports across the U.S. and