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Creating Great Customer Experiences from Concept to Completion

We help our clients create better experiences for their customers. We do this by creating powerful experiences with interactive digital information. Our custom kiosk solutions help businesses reach their unique goals by engaging consumers and extending brand reach. Let’s get to work. 


Custom Kiosk Design Services




At Meridian, we view our client as partners, that’s why our approach to custom kiosk design is a collaborative and consultative. Our experienced technical consultants and engineers combine their talents to develop logical and strategic solutions based upon our client’s requirements. This step is critical to building a custom kiosk that achieves business goals, creates a great experience for the end user, is secure, and is easy to maintain.


Design Thinking

Meridian’s designers use Design Thinking to create kiosk custom solutions that help our clients address their market needs. Drawing from our breadth of kiosk design experience, as well as the aesthetic requirements for each project, our team creates a series of conceptual and environmental renders for review. This is a critical step in figuring out what type of lighting or signage is needed to make the kiosk visible and attractive to users.


Design Engineering 

Meridian’s experienced design engineers take the desired concept and create a fully functional 3-D CAD model, accounting for every screw, weld point, component, bracket and hinge throughout the entire unit. Our engineers understand the complete fabrication process and will account for all the steps required in building a fully functional design.

Custom Kiosk Manufacturing Services



Full Fabrication

We welcome all of our clients to our 13-acre, 70,000 sq. ft. facility to see this step in person. Our manufacturing processes are ISO 9001:2008 certified and Meridian is a UL self-certify facility.


Assembly and Integration

Each component of the self-service solution is fitted together and inspected before software is integrated and tested by Meridian’s software engineers.


Quality Assurance

Check, double check and check again. Each component of Meridian’s self-service solutions are inspected by our experienced employees to ensure quality and functionality.

Custom Kiosk Solutions



Meridian guides our clients through a pilot program using best practices, ensuring all necessary data is gathered. Once the pilot program is concluded, Meridian can scale the project to fit any size deployment.


Staging and Deployment

Staging is the final checkpoint. Units are cleaned, inspected, wrapped, packaged, and overall prepared at our facility before heading to the final destination. When it comes to getting our client’s kiosks in the field, Meridian guides our clients with a strategic action plan for their kiosk deployment.



Not only does Meridian provide the best products in the industry, we support what we sell with a dedicated support team ready to assist our clients. From our standard return-to-depot warranty to our site service and support, we have a nationwide array of service partners and in-house personnel to ensure that if our clients ever have issues, they will be addressed quickly and effectively.

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